Palm Springs Vintage Clothing (2)


What I am going to speak about are some specific ideas I had about how vintage vogue matches in (and in later posts, about millinery, and classic reproduction clothing).

So I not too long ago got here across Australian Coupon Codes , a super cool web site that houses various low cost codes to Australian-based retailers. The website is form of a one-stop-shop with various classes and retailers participating. It’s a good way to save money (and time). These days, we’re all fairly time poor and do not wish to go to the retailers to be constantly hassled by the sales assistant. So it is a great possibility for many who want to save and wish to purchase an merchandise shortly and with out problem.

I hope this gets you began on a enjoyable and profitable stitching challenge. Come again an share your venture with us. Also, in case you are wondering in regards to the illustration that I used, it was drawn by Edith Head to indicate the dress that Givenchy truly designed for Audrey. The full length costume illustration from Sabrina may be found in my weblog as effectively.

Christian Lacroix. I just love his lavish, imaginative designs and his use of colour. I noticed his exhibition just a few years ago at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, the place he confirmed his own designs with vintage and historic ones that were his inspirations. One of one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen, and not one factor in it that I didn’t love.

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